Books & magazines

 Publication Stima Series Books Children fictional books on Electricity from class 1 to 8. Already approved in the syllabus .  Publisher and Editor of the only regional energy lifestyle magazine that entails to disseminate information and trigger action towards various renewable energy opportunities across the region.

We have the only energy magazine in the region. The magazine launched in 2015 has seen a tremendous growth in distribution and its readership.  The magazine is called “Watts up” We intend to be Africa’s leading magazine on Energy issues within the shortest time possible.

The major concerns the magazine wants to address are:


  1. To bridge the gap between the consumer and producer through communication .We see rising conflicts in the energy sector jeopardizing projects in the region.
  2. It will analyze, comment and give solutions to many wide ranging  issues in the energy sector that impact on the citizens. We want to unlock and demystify energy services.
  3. The magazine will provide a meeting of minds for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors in the sector to meet in our magazine, forums and digital space.
  4. We have assembled a team of experienced writers, columnist and experts from across the world. Their information will be used as reference material for discussion across the region.


The Magazine will have diverse section that include Oil and Gas, breaking stories, regional news, Kenyan news of various players. World news on Energy The news will be simplified and show how they directly impact on the normal citizens of the region.

STIMA Series Books

This is launch of the first and only non-fiction primary school book series on electricity- ‘Stima Series’ -The series are a collection of four educative and yet interesting factual story books about electricity for the young developing minds. The series was commissioned after taking cognizance of the Kenya Government’s efforts of supplying electricity to primary schools while seeking to extend the reach and use of electricity. With a foreword from the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Energy and authored by leading Marketer in Region and former Kenya Power and Lighting staff: Mr. James Ngomeli, it is a compelling and practical reading material for the primary school going children experiencing electricity for the first time and also those currently using it.